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Japan in Crisis 2011_Music Video Tribute

April 22nd, 2011 | No Comments

Japan in Crisis 2011 is a music video [below] that helps us to remember a people’s struggle in the face of overwhelming odds. We cannot help but empathize with the Japanese people in the teeth of destruction an despair.

The Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated Japan in 2011 was indeed of Biblical proportions. Terrible local floods are not novel phenoms these days as we have witnessed in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina’s Storm Surge and many instances since then. Ample warning was given before Katrina struck albeit ignored by too many. There was, however, precious little time for public officials to give proper warning to the folks of Northeastern Japan before the Earthquake and Flash Tsunami mercilessly scoured away their homes and businesses in a matter of minutes.

Watch Music Video...below

The Noaic Covenant God made and sealed with the sign of the rainbow, in which He promised never again to send a universal deluge, was probably of little comfort to most of the Japanese people who were gripped by the reality of  such an incomprehensible disaster. Christians apparently are in the extreme minority as many post-modern Japanese are Secular followed by Shinto or Buddhist in religious identity.

I add Secular to Religious preference because in reality the Secular World View exalts and worships at the alter of man’s intellect and abilities. The Secular Humanist has become his own god eerily fulfilling the promise made by Satan to Eve in the Garden of Eden…”…ye shall be as gods…” Genesis 3:5

Christian and government relief efforts to the earthquake and tsunami survivors will be ongoing for many months…even years to come. It is not new for the Love of God to be manifested more vividly to a hurting and hungry people. We pray that He will call out His people to succor the afflicted with the balm of Gilead in these dark days…Watch these pictures of a nation in crisis poignantly put to music… feel the travail of a proud and resourceful people. We are reminded of how quickly devastation and destruction can come upon us without remedy. Please remember the Japanese people when you prayerfully offer up your petitions to Our Heavenly Father…especially for the relief workers and also that God will raise up a testimony for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in these last days amongst the  Japanese people.

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